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Friday, 29 June 2012

Training in the fog

On Wednesday I rowed from Salcombe to Dartmouth. There was fog so I had to keep very close to the land to avoid larger boats running me down. So I rowed along with the sound of the waves pounding the cliffs to my right (rowing I was facing backwards), frequently looking round to see where I was going. The fog would roll in off the sea, which a local man called a sea fret. At one point a small yacht motored past about 50 metres to my right appearing out of the fog and disappearing quickly again. We waved to each other and his crew were peering intently into the murk.

Out to sea I could hear the fog horns of ships and the lighthouse at Start Point. Then the fog cleared and I was chatting to some canoeists who were out watching seals. They told me where to go to see a seal, but I was more interested in pushing on to Dartmouth, the total row 20.02 miles, by the time I had moored up by the town quay.

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