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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Finishing the Thames Voyage

PicoMicroYacht's final journal was from Gravesend to Queenborough in the Medway Estuary, a journey of about 23 miles.

Gravesend was soon receding into the distance.

The new London Gateway container ship port did not seem very busy.

Further on was the refinery at Holehaven.

Finally PicoMicroYacht was looking out towards the North Sea.

With Wimbledon tennis about to start, it was strawberries and cream for refreshment.

To the south was a large sandbank stretching back to the shore with a solitary seal who decided to move into the water.

In the background, as if beached on the bank, was a fort at the entrance to the Medway.

Some yachts were scuttling into the harbour as PicoMicroYacht finished the long journey down the Thames.