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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Rowing in Rio (de Janeiro)

In preparation for the next adventure PicoMicroYacht has been in Rio - well not actually PicoMicroYacht, but a substitute, a sculling boat was used. I was hosted by the Botafogo rowing club who kindly let me loose on Scorpius in the lagoon to be used for the Olympic rowing next year. The backdrop was the iconic Art Deco statue of  Jesus Christ on the hill behind.

Scorpius reminded me why PicoMicroYacht is a better bet when rowing across the English Channel. You can stand on the side deck of PicoMicroYacht and it will not capsize. Scorpius has no side deck. If you catch a crab in PicoMicroYacht nothing happens; Scorpius might turn turtle, depositing you in the water and that's it.

The boat captain found out that I was last in a sculling boat shell  aged 19 years -  a race down the tideway from Barnes bridge to Putney, London. After 37 years would the old skills return? He gave me strict instructions and looked anxious.

I set off gingerly, rowing like a novice and willing myself not to fall in.

 Two thousand  metres later I didn't want to push my luck any further.

My friends the Laks family had been so kind introducing me to the Botafogo rowing club. 

Jerson Laks a  Flamengo supporter was surprisingly cheerful  

(sorry - an in joke - Flamengo are a rival team to Botafoga Football Club but lost 1 0  to Botafoga when I attended the Maracana stadium a few days before - Jerson  and his wife were extra kind in taking me to the rowing club given his team had just lost - see Botafoga crest in photograph) 

Sir Steve Redgrave visited the Botafogo club last year and had a go as well. 
Click here to see how he got on: