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Saturday, 9 June 2012


The view of criss-crossing ferries outside Dover during my last voyage. I was trying to describe to a friend the hazard of a ferry size ship to a small boat. Imagine a car coming towards you at 20 miles an hour in a straight line. You would quickly get out the way. Imagine if the car was 50 metres wide and you could only go at 3 miles per hour - then it becomes more difficult. Also imagine if the car starts changing direction and you don't know when the direction change will stop. So I keep well clear of large boats!

Another hazard is the sea state. On a recent voyage I set off from Broadstairs to go to Kingsdown. This was the view from the car park, with waves from a residual swell creating regular flumes. But the sea was not breaking, and the wind was light so I set off.

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