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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Salcombe estuary is about four miles long with some beautiful wooded creeks. Well, technically it is a ria, a drowned valley caused by rising sea levels. Yesterday, I rowed up to the head of the estuary accompanied by my police constable brother in law who took some photographs from his motor boat.

Then I had a look outside the entrance.  A large residual swell against the ebb tide meant that it was a bit rough, so I  carefully worked my way out so as to avoid the difficult bits. Out in the open sea, with just the swell and little or no wind, things calmed down and I went along the coast for a while. A number of open decked fishing boats were at sea  and a 13 foot sailing dingy was buzzing around using his engine. I was towing our inflatable canoe as a tender.

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