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Sunday, 10 June 2012

The PicoMicroYacht - technical information

This is the PicoMicroYacht, beached at Sheerness. It has two short masts and two sails which keep it even in a sea and provide some propulsion in strong winds. There is a dagger plate (shown lifted in the centre), which I keep down when rowing so that if I capsize I can use it to right the boat. The oars are pulled in. They are training oars used in conventional racing rowing craft.

The boat has what is called a stretcher, where the shoes are attached - with old fashioned rowing shoes. Just above these is my GPS system, which provides my position on a coastal map and also speed and direction and estimated arrival time given my speed (I can put waypoints into the GPS). In front of the shoes is a small battery which can power a tiller pilot (a mechanical device that keeps the boat steering in fixed direction in absolute terms, adjustable depending on the course). This is just to the right of the GPS system. I use this system to steer a more efficient course in calm weather. Here the oars have been taken off the riggers and are stowed either side of the stretcher.

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