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Monday, 7 April 2014

Picomicroyacht to row down the river Thames

Crossing the English Channel in a rowing boat is still off limits and Picomicroyacht has decided instead to row down the river Thames from the source to the Thames Estuary. Talking of sources a great mystery in life is how the source of a river is chosen. Here is the source of the Thames - yes the exact  location and definitely not the spring in the other valley.

Trewsbury Meadow in Gloucesterhire  - the source

But even Picomicroyacht is too big to start here, so will begin the voyage near Lechlade, where the statue of Old Father Thames marks the start of navigational water.

Old Father Thames

A different style of rowing is called for, a more leisurely approach...

'There are some folk who always worry
and some folk who never care
but in this world of rush and hurry
it matters neither here or there
be steady and realistic
don't hanker for gold or gems
be carefree and optimistic 
like Old Father Thames'

Peter Dawson - Old Father Thames - Recorded Abbey Road Studios 1933

This year I am again collecting money for CASPA - which helps young people on the autistic spectrum and their families - I shall be steady and realistic, carefree and optimistic - not hankering after gold or gems, but I am hoping for some sponsorship.

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  1. If you fancy a bit of company on the first leg, the Home Built Boat Rally are starting out from Lechlade on June 1, aiming to arrive at the Beale Park boat show the following weekend. You would be very welcome to join us, though the pace will be leisurely...
    See http://uk-hbbr-forum.967333.n3.nabble.com/Lechlade-to-Beale-Park-2014-td4027474.html