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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Monet, World War 2, rowing trials and being 'in the groove' at Henley

19th April

I set off again and quickly came to Pangbourne, where a bridge was completely demolished to be rebuilt.

I couldn't help thinking Monet could have painted this scene, including the cranes and the clouds, a mixture of modernity and nature.

When I got to my next lock, Mapledurham, I was kept hearing a series of bang noises, like small arms fire or semi-automatic rifles. Rounding a bend in the river looking through the trees I could see some soldiers in World War 2 uniform.

I had stumbled across the Mapledurham at War event in which visitors were invited to 'taste the atmosphere of army and civilian life as war rages across Europe.' 

Further down an amphibious vehicle was making it's way upstream

I reflected on the contrasting peacefulness of the Thames as it meandered through the pastoral landscape.

After Reading I took a break in what I thought was a little inlet with swans.

But looking over the bank I saw stretching into the distance an Olympic size 2000 metre size course -  I was at the start. Under 23 rowers were being trialing for the national squads and shot off the start at three times PicoMicoYachts maximum speed.

21st April

After some more Monet like scenes,  the river seemed to pick up pace.

 Magnificent Henley came into view.

I was glad to stop at the Angel Inn for Lunch. 

PicoMicroYacht rested whilst I visited my favourite vinyl store 'In the groove' and bought (sorry it is cheesy) a recording of La Mer, which I had to protect from the rain for the rest of the trip to Marlow.

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