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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The 'Cake Sail' and crossing the English Channel tomorrow

My department had a great cake sale in aid of Epilepsy Research (billed as the cake 'sail') this morning, doing half hour shifts, also with the help of my wife Lorna. She was there for the whole morning on her day off. We put up a cake stall in the entrance to the hospital (with permission) and lots of people bought cake, giving generously to Epilepsy Research.

I was quite touched by this during my stint at the cake stall -  it looked like people were very pleased to donate and receive some of the delicious home made cake made by Lorna and people in my department. The lemon and the ginger cake were the most popular, in my view, but all the cakes went but for three fairy cakes, which I might eat tonight. Thanks so much to the people who came and donated and I am certain you enjoyed the cake.

Below is a photograph of Lorna and a helper - on the left is a sign which says 'together we can' which sums up the people in my department I think.

On another topic, with the forecast getting more accurate, we realised that it would be too windy on Sunday 29th July to cross the channel. So at the last minute we brought the crossing forward for tomorrow, and I have taken a day's leave and am flat out getting ready this evening. I leave 4.30 am in the morning (thursday 26th July).

The new plan is to leave from Folkestone and row to the Cap Gris Nez, arriving about eight hour later. I hope I can... it doesn't look so far in the photograph below...

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