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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Full Throttle

Rowing across the English Channel in a 3.5 metre rowing boat on your own would seem, on the face of it, particularly foolish and potentially life threatening. Fortunately, I have Will  to accompany me. Will has plenty of experience guiding small craft safely across the channel, including kayaks and windsurfers.

(see: http://www.fullthrottleboatcharters.com/channel-crossing-safety-boat/)

Will runs a company called Full Throttle Boat Charters based at the picturesque entrance to Rye harbour.

As well as helping out the Channel crossers, he specialises in rib charters and powerboat trips, in other words,  going much faster than PicoMicroYacht in an exciting and bumpy fashion and having a great time, I understand sometimes with customers on stag or hen party weekends.

He is going to follow me across the Channel in a large rib using safety gadgets such as AIS (automatic identification system - tells you what boats are out there and how fast they are going and where) and radar. He will keep an eye out for ships and let me know when to change course to avoid them. When I reach France I will disassemble PicoMicroYacht, and we will haul it aboard  the rib to go back to Rye.   


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