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Friday, 5 May 2017

PicoMicroYacht and the sea at Doolin - another visit and another time

In a December post last year, 'Irish Adventure in the Offing,' I had mentioned that if PicoMicroYacht got to the west coast of Ireland I would then do some sea rowing and 'If the weather is settled and calm, there could be a few voyages out into the Atlantic Ocean.'

I would join my fourdaysrunning friends - they would run along the cliff tops and I would row along the coast from Doolin, or maybe visit the Aran Islands.

The strong winds and high waves meant it did not work out but I was able to observe the beautiful view across to the Islands from the Cliffs of Moyer. The striations in the picture show the length of the waves, the squall traces on the water in clusters across the panorama.

Another visit and another time and PicoMicroYacht would hope to get to those islands.

But the runners completed their 100K, this their start. See if you can spot the Olympic bronze medalist and the singer in the line up.

The singer is Gari Glaysher, his latest album a collection of Irish songs, including a beautiful duet, 'The Parting Glass,' performed with Hattie Webb.

The Parting Glass - from the lyrics by Ed Sheeran

'A man may drink and not be drunk
A man may fight and not be slain
A man may court a pretty girl
And perhaps be welcomed back again
But since it has so ought to be
By a time to rise and a time to fall
Come fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all
Good night and joy be with you all'

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