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Monday, 9 June 2014

PicoMicroYacht as a London tourist

7th June 2014

I left behind a busy Saturday morning at Putney, with the different clubs launching their boats, and headed off down river with my Red Ensign to make me more visible.

I was soon through the beautiful Albert Bridge, incidentally, painted in an unusual colour scheme in 1992 to make it more visible and avoid damage from ships.

Less beautiful but no less iconic was the Battersea power station although perhaps you have to know London to love this landmark

I was now passing the Secret Intelligence Services building - no sign of life there and I did wonder whether anyone in there was looking out at me.

The Houses of Parliament came into view and the water started to get more disturbed as the river traffic increased. I read that craft should not approach within 70 yards of the buildings.

A police launch had passed me further up and now it was coming down stream, eventually coming between me and the Parliament building, taking a good look at me. I smiled and waved and they turned back upstream. I wish I could have taken a photograph of them more closely but thought better of it.

I passed under the Hungerford bridge and then shortly afterwards the police launch came up again. This time they asked me what were my 'intentions.' They were pleasant and helpful, giving me some advice about avoiding the river buses and  then told me that I looked like I knew what I was doing, complimenting me on my seamanship. I felt relieved because I had been worried that they might object to me being there.

One hazard about there were large mooring buoys, which could catch you out quite easily. 

I passed St Paul's Cathedral, with the 'bendy' bridge that joins it to the Tate Modern, the river flowing rapidly. Then I had an interesting view of HMS Belfast.

And then on to Tower Bridge

Finally, having passed Canary Wharf I reached the O2 and Greenwich Yacht Club, my finishing point. 

The club kindly let PicoMicroYacht stay on their pontoon whilst I took the tube back to Putney to get the car and trailer. My next trip to the O2 is on the 17th June to see the Eagles.

Take it to the limit one more time - The Eagles

'You know I've always been a dreamer 
(spent my life running 'round) 
And it's so hard to change 
(Can't seem to settle down) 
But the dreams I've seen lately 
Keep on turning out and burning out 
And turning out the same 
So put me on a highway 
And show me a sign 
And take it to the limit one more time' 

(it's just a song!)

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